Planet Ipswich : A bridge between the Ipswiches of the world

Which Ipswich?

There are, as far as our research has shown, thirteen places around the world called Ipswich (see Family Tree, at foot of this page).  They are:

Ipswich, Suffolk, England

Ipswich, Queensland, Australia

Ipswich, New South Wales, Australia

Ipswich, Massachusetts, USA

New Ipswich, New Hampshire, USA

Ipswich, South Dakota, USA

Ipswich, Wisconsin, USA

Ipswich, Virginia, USA   (also known as Ipswich Townvillas)

Lake Ipswich, Virginia, USA

Ipswich, Manitoba, Canada

Ipswich, St Elizabeth, Jamaica

Ipswich, Portland, Jamaica

Islas Ipswich, Chile

As well as these, we also have an Ipswich River & an Ipswich Bay (Massachusetts), New Ipswich Mountain (New Hampshire), Ipswich Grasslands (South Dakota), Ipswich Prairie (Wisconsin), Ipswich Basin (Australia) & Ipswich Caves (Jamaica).



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