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The Planet Ipswich Quiz

So you think you know your Ipswiches?

1.       Who suggested that the countryside around what became Ipswich, Queensland reminded him of his home county in England?

2.      What did Charles Dickens describe as a ‘rampacious animal with flowing mane and tail, distantly resembling an insane cart-horse’?

3.      Ann N Murray has connections to the origins of which Ipswich?

4.      New Ipswich Mountain is part of which range?

5.      Which town was known as Ipswich Canada between 1735 -64?

6.      Who did John Winthrop pay £20 sterling to for the ‘Bay of Agawam’?

7.      In which year were the Islas Ipswich first surveyed & named?

8.      Name the two types of Rhinoceros that lived during the Ipswichian Interglacial Period.

9.      Which Ipswich is located in Elk Grove Township?

10.    Who was known as ‘Old Grog’ & why?

11.    What is the scientific name for the Ipswich Clam?

12.   Where did John Yates & Richard Scott buy 8,000 acres of land in 1684?

13.   Which Ipswich is the ‘Home of the Yellowstone Trail’?

14.   Where was HMAS Ipswich (J186) on 2nd September 1945?

15.   When was the Ipswich Prairie designated a State National Area?

16.   The Ipswich Caves are also known by what other name?

17.   What is ‘Passerculus sandwichensis princeps’ better known as?

18.   Between which dates did the Shire of Ipswich exist?

19.   What was the profession of George W Sanborn?

20.   Abijah Foster & his family were early settlers in which Ipswich?

21.   Name the indigenous people who lived to the south of modern day Ipswich, Queensland.

22.  When was the last horse race meeting at Ipswich racecourse in Suffolk, England?

23.   At which college did Thomas Wolsey study theology?

24.   Approximately how long is the Ipswich River, Massachusetts?

25.   Apart from Ipswich, name two other communities in the Rural Municipality of Strathclair.

26.   In which English city is Ipswich Circus?

27.   What name did A A Girault first give to the Chalcid wasp Macroglenes ipswichi?

28.   Which artist published the books 'Ipswich Days' & 'By Salt Marshes: Pictures & Poems of Old Ipswich'?

29.   Which Ipswich did US president William McKinley visit by train in 1900?

30.   In which Colorado town is Ipswich Inn motel?

31.   Who designed the Incinerator Theatre in Ipswich, Queensland?

32.   In which Ipswich was landscape artist Benjamin Champney born?

33.   How many roads/streets etc. named Ipswich are there in Florida?

34.   Which architect designed the Willis building in Ipswich, England?

35.   In which Ipswich is the Marcus P Beebe Memorial Library?

36.  Who sung “Which Switch is the Switch, Miss, for Ipswich?” on the original 1915 recording?

37.  Who built the steamer Ipswich for the Ipswich Steam Navigation Company, launched in 1825?

38.  Which suburb of Ipswich, Queensland was originally known as Woogaroo?

39.  In which church in Ipswich, England are the world’s oldest church bells?

40.  In which year was the title Viscount Ipswich created?


Good Luck!

When you've finished, send your answers to   If you get them all correct you will be officially awarded the title of Ipswichologist. If you get stuck, email to the above address & I'll send you a clue.

The Prize? There isn't one. But as an Ipswichologist you will be able to boast to your friends & family that your knowledge of the Ipswiches of the world is superior to theirs!

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